Worst Case Scenario
Worst Case Scenario

What’s your Worst Case Scenario? Sad Faces, also known as disaster experts Jack Bernhardt, Tom Crowley and Tobi Wilson, dissect your most dreaded hypothetical situations with sponge-sharp wit and razor-coloured clarity every second Monday. To submit a suggestion, tweet @sadfacescomedy or email sadfacescomedy@gmail.com with the subject line ‘Worst Case Scenario’!

Sad Faces

Sad Faces




11 – The Ballad of Ross Matti

| Released 19th Jan 2015

A special episode, based on the horrifying real life exploits of our own Tobi Wilson. It’s late. You’re travelling home with friends, you’ve had a little bit to drink, you’re approaching your house, when SUDDENLY you’re confronted by a man so drunk […]

10 – Christmas Present Conundrums And The Spider Tree

| Released 22nd Dec 2014

It’s Christmas! A time of laughter, goodwill and terrifying animatronic Santas. Nothing could possibly ruin this festive season! BUT WAIT. My boyfriend wants a cumbersome Lego Christmas present! Also, my Christmas tree is covered in spiders! One of those problems […]

9 – Post Love with Glenn Moore

| Released 9th Dec 2014

Oh, thanks for the package! No, that wasn’t a… no, I wasn’t… you know what, see you tomorrow. Find out about the mythical Thank Your Postman Day and also about Glenn Moore’s terrifying personal habits and overconsumption of healthy breakfast […]

8 – The Emperor’s New Highlights with Lazy Susan

| Released 27th Oct 2014

My hair – it’s so ordinary and natural and lustrous! What can I possibly do to jazz up my barnet? I know – I’ll go to… Barry’s Barbers! BUT – buyer beware, as we delve into matters of highlights, lowlights, […]

7 – Zeppelins and Telephones

| Released 13th Oct 2014

Phworr, corr, imagine, it’s only a minute until clocking off time at the zeppelin and somebody’s having a cigarette on the telephone! Or something like that. We’re doing two problems this week, okay? We got confused.

6 – Meat Feast with Tom Neenan

| Released 22nd Sep 2014

Chipping, chipping, chipping away at the ice block that once was a treasure trove of carnivorous delights. But the trove, it… it never seems to end! How can I do such a banquet justice? Featuring significant information regarding Character Comedian […]

5 – Wasp Hive

| Released 8th Sep 2014

Oh boy, I can’t wait to start harvesting delicious honey from my new beehive! But wait… these bees… so skinny… their bodies, so smooth and shiny… OH NO!

4 – Unfamiliar Toilets with Grainne Maguire

| Released 25th Aug 2014

Where am I? What time is it? Who are all these people? Oh no. I remember now. The party. Good lord, I need the toilet. But… but HOW? Featuring startling revelations about Grainne Maguire’s shady past.

3 – Prime Minister Kilt Wedding

| Released 11th Aug 2014

You’re at a wedding! The Prime Minister is there. You’re wearing a kilt. You’re Scots. The Prime Minister is not (because of that mistake we made in 2010). Is this going to be a problem? Find out within!

2 – Toilet Wolves

| Released 28th Jul 2014

Wolves. In your toilet. Coming through the U-bend. OH NO? Oh yes.

1 – Boss Date Crash

| Released 8th Jul 2014

A first date. Nerves, smiles, flirtation. But suddenly a boss (or your boss?) appears. Now what?

Sad Faces

Sad Faces are Jack Bernhardt, Tom Crowley and Tobi Wilson. They have performed sketch and narrative live comedy at six Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, most recently with their story hour Sad Faces Threw a Party at the Pleasance Courtyard. You may have also seen them performing on the London circuit or heard them in their BBC Radio 4Extra show Four Sad Faces.

Jack is a recent BBC Comedy Bursary Writer and has written for almost everything Radio 4 put out, including The Now Show, the News Quiz, Newsjack, Susan Calman is Convicted and the Headset Set. He has also written for CBBC’s DNN and BT Sport’s Life’s a Pitch.

Tom is a graduate of the Royal Court Young Writer’s Programme, has written for Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball and currently spends a lot of his time writing plays, for his own ends as well as for companies like Youaremineco. and London Contemporary Theatre. He also draws all the cartoons for Sad Faces.

Tobi Wilson is a series writer on Cartoon Network’s BAFTA-and-Emmy-award-winning The Amazing World of Gumball, for which he has written on over 50 episodes. He has also written for Radio 4’s The News Quiz and starred in a Youtube advert for Bathstore where a toilet seat fell on his penis. He recently had his West End stage debut in sci-fi short play showcase Blast Off! at the Soho Theatre. Otherwise he is mostly cobbling together sitcoms, films and short films with a willful disregard for budget and demand.

Hosts: Worst Case Scenario