Gods of Comedy
Gods of Comedy

Do you like podcasts? Do you like God or gods? If you answered no to only one of those questions, you’ll maybe enjoy Gods of Comedy! Bec Hill and Brydie Lee-Kennedy will be interviewing fellow comedians about their religious thoughts and beliefs and spiritual leanings and other stuff that is maybe too personal to discuss in a public forum but let’s see how it goes.




36: Christmas (and back-boobs)

| Released 22nd Dec 2015

Gods of Comedy is back to celebrate the festive season once again! Bec, Brydie and Liam talk about the Christmas they spent together last year and their plans for holidays this year. And butts. They talk for a surprisingly long […]

35: Tom Neenan

| Released 10th Dec 2015

Conspiracy theories, multiverses and cults with comedian and excellent man Tom Neenan.

Preview of 35: Tom Neenan

| Released 10th Nov 2015

A tiny sample of our sprawling chat with Tom Neenan, out in 2 weeks. Hear Brydie discuss her wedding and Bec discuss…the Fonz?

34: Halloween Spooktacular – Bonus Episode!

| Released 31st Oct 2015

There were just too many spooks for us to fit it all into one episode! Here are even more chilling tales from our listeners and friends for you to listen to while you’re out trick or treating.

34: Halloween Spooktacular!

| Released 27th Oct 2015

Welcome to our Halloween special. Please, ignore the cobwebs – it’s totally because it’s a halloween episode and not just because we haven’t recorded in a while, we promise. Bec and Brydie read out some tales of terror submitted by […]


| Released 13th Oct 2015

Bec and Brydie are baaaaaaack after a surprise hiatus and we’re scaaaarier than ever! Please enjoy our quick Halloween preview before we return in a fortnight with a full length spooktacular!

33: Nish Kumar

| Released 14th Apr 2015

The absolutely brilliant Nish Kumar sits on the floor with Bec and Brydie to discuss Hinduism, laziness and being nice to vegans.

Preview of 33: Nish Kumar

| Released 31st Mar 2015

Ahead of our full, delightful chat with Nish Kumar (out in 2 weeks), enjoy our musings on Kimye, love and insulting Nish.

32: Paul Foxcroft

| Released 11th Feb 2015

Bec and Brydie chat to avowed atheist Paul “Foxy” Foxcroft about world politics and death but then also lots of not depressing stuff as well.

PREVIEW of 32: Paul Foxcroft

| Released 29th Jan 2015

A little taster of our upcoming episode with Paul Foxcroft.

31: Christivus Festival Of Winter (Or Something)

| Released 21st Dec 2014

Last year we gave you Bec & Brydie’s Non-Denominational Festive Stick because we were being all PC and stuff. This year it’s mostly about Christmas but also there’s a lot of Batman nonsense for some reason. Enjoy this responsibly with […]

30: Guy Kelly

| Released 18th Nov 2014

Have you ever heard two philosophy majors discuss the concept of a soul before? Well, allow Guy Kelly (of The Beta Males) and Brydie to drown you in wankery. Don’t worry, Bec is also there, stopping things from getting too […]

29: Yisrael Campbell (Part Two)

| Released 21st Oct 2014

Brydie and Bec talk drug use, conversion and migration with Israeli comedian Yisrael Campbell, star of the smash hit Circumcise Me.

28: Yisrael Campbell (part one)

| Released 30th Sep 2014

We’re back from our summer-hiatus with part one of our chat with Israeli-comedian Yisrael Campbell. This is the lots-of-politics-not-so-much-religion bit of the chat so big deep breaths everyone.

27: Deleted Scenes (part 2)

| Released 15th Jul 2014

Did you enjoy our first deleted scenes episode? No? Well…uh…right. This is awkward. Um…here is…another one.

26: Deleted Scenes (part 1)

| Released 1st Jul 2014

It’s the Gods of Comedy one year anniversary (roughly) and how better to celebrate than with all the stuff we deemed not relevant enough to include in the episodes! Enjoy this mish-mash of voices and chat featuring all your favourite […]

25: Lou Sanders

| Released 17th Jun 2014

Lou “Tit Contact” Sanders is in the studio and she’s saying all kinds of cool stuff about crystals and retreats and university drug binges. Also, Pimms in a can is drunk during this recording so it’s classy as f***.

24: John Robertson

| Released 3rd Jun 2014

It’s an all-Australian-extravaganza as John Roberston lays some west coast knowledge on Bec and Brydie. They chat about John’s minister father, Bec and Brydie’s fraught friendship and Rasputin. Like, they chat HEAPS about Rasputin.

23: Masud Milas

| Released 20th May 2014

When you think “Gods of Comedy”, you think zoo animals, right? Then you’re in luck! This week Bec and Brydie talk to the amazing Masud Milas about their favourite experiences with animals. And there’s a bit of religion chat here […]

22: Sara Pascoe

| Released 6th May 2014

Comedian extraordinaire, QI winner and all round excellent person Sara Pascoe talks forgiveness, philosophy and vegan cooking with Bec and Brydie.

21: Ben Target

| Released 8th Apr 2014

The mysterious, shaded Ben Target stops by to tell Bec and Brydie about his vampiric ways, that thing with the goat and all the reasons Armageddon was a terrible movie. The three also celebrate Easter the only way Brydie knows […]

20: Anil Desai

| Released 25th Mar 2014

Anil Desai, the man with a thousand voices, drops by to share his thousand excellent thoughts on religion, Star Wars and early rising. Also, Brydie designs a game to challenge both Anil and Bec because apparently she no longer likes […]

19: Sad Faces

| Released 11th Mar 2014

This week, Bec and Brydie chat to two-thirds of the sketch group Sad Faces (sorry Jack fans, it’s Tom and Tobi…yeah, we were bummed too). They talk about growing up with a minister dad (Tom) and a best friend with […]

18: Deborah Frances-White

| Released 25th Feb 2014

This week we have Deborah Frances-White, a self-described “former cult-member” and an us-described “current dame”. She talks to Bec and Brydie about the perils of door-knocking, the joys of forming a Jehovah’s Witness improv troupe and being a brunette bombshell […]

17: Joz Norris

| Released 11th Feb 2014

Our guest this week has theories on religion, baked beans, parrots and nudity and they’re all kind of mental but if he turns out to be right then you can say you heard it here first. Joz Norris: the guy […]

16: Abandoman

| Released 28th Jan 2014

This week, Gods of Comedy tackles the big three with Abandoman: religion, comedy…and hip hop. James and Rob tell us about their different Christian upbringings and talk music and community in church. Also, Brydie finally gets to design her ultimate […]

15: Andrea Hubert

| Released 14th Jan 2014

The glorious Andrea Hubert drops in to chat Judaism…in theory. In practice it’s mostly body hair, feminism and friendship (eugh, girls, am I right?). What she lacks in religious chat, she more than makes up for in husky tones and […]

14: Paul Duncan McGarrity

| Released 31st Dec 2013

Paul Duncan McGarrity stops by to chat to Bec and Brydie about rebel priests, his very tall brother and why EXACTLY there are no rollercoasters in London. If you’ve ever wondered how Jesus would do in a fight against Batman […]

13: Brydie & Bec’s Non-Denominational Festive Stick

| Released 17th Dec 2013

Atheists, Jesus-freaks and everyone in between: gather round Brydie and Bec’s Non-Denominational Festive Stick and hear tales of holidays-past from more comedians than you can shake a reindeer at. Enjoy this massively over-stuffed stocking of an episode with some mulled […]

12: Tez Ilyas

| Released 3rd Dec 2013

This week, the brilliant Tez Ilyas lays some Islamic education on Brydie and Bec. He talks prayer, non-drinking and what it’s like to be such an amazing dancer. Also, an amazing new handshake is created that will possibly bring about […]

11: Paul Gannon

| Released 19th Nov 2013

Gods of Comedy gets supernatural with this week’s guest, Paul Gannon! He explains why he ain’t afraid of no ghost (even if Bec and Brydie totally are) and shares the secrets of the spirit-hunting trade (and the joys of eating […]

10: Hyde Panaser

| Released 5th Nov 2013

This week, Brydie does her best to earn our explicit rating and Bec comes close to converting to Sikhi as the excellently bearded Hyde Panaser talks to us about early morning prayer, the badass qualities of turbans and the lies […]

9: David Morgan

| Released 22nd Oct 2013

The always delightful David Morgan talks to Bec and Brydie about his disappointing Confirmation name, his fairly excellent mother and the perils of coming out when you’re a Catholic. They also attempt to answer the extremely difficult question of who […]

8: Ben Van Der Velde

| Released 8th Oct 2013

Ben Van Der Velde swings by to talk Judaism in the north, school Brydie on the use of the term “temple” and rave obsessively about the Chinese. Now with more Holocaust chat than your average comedy podcast!

7: Jon Bennett

| Released 24th Sep 2013

World-roaming vagabond Jon Bennett regales Bec and Brydie with tales of his Pentecostal youth, acts of fraternal violence, kicking footies and kissing girls. Have you guys ever had a dream that you could do anything?

6: Dave Callan

| Released 10th Sep 2013

Join an oxygen-deprived Bec and an Edinburgh-exhausted Brydie as they relax and let the Irish chocolate tones of the mellifluously hilarious Dave Callan soothe them. This week we talk meditation, Dave’s wild youth and the letting go of negative thoughts. […]

5: Felicity Ward

| Released 27th Aug 2013

It’s attack of the Australian accents when Felicity Ward comes by to chat Christianity, ice-cream and panic attacks.

4: Abigoliah Schamaun

| Released 13th Aug 2013

Bec and Brydie get down and moderately dirty with the brilliant Abigoliah Schamaun. Abs talks growing up Christian in America and they consider the use of prayer as birth-control and motor-boating as a greeting.

3: Morgan & West

| Released 30th Jul 2013

Time-travelling magicians and mega-clever-dudes Morgan & West (AKA Rhys Jones and Rob Hemmens) drop by to talk all things science and a lot of things magic. Rhys shares his affectionate memories of Irish nuns, Rob gets religious about GM food […]

2: Andrew O’Neill

| Released 16th Jul 2013

Andrew O’Neill blows Bec and Brydie’s tiny minds with talk of the occult, metal and the disgusting ways in which wine isn’t vegan.

1: Jim Campbell

| Released 29th Jun 2013

Brydie and Bec talk to Jim Campbell about atheism, Rosary beads and Jim’s grandfather’s horse.

Bec Hill

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Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Brydie toured about the place for a couple of years before settling in London for reasons she can no longer remember. She is best known as the writer, director and mermaid of Princess Cabaret and as the slutty half of cabaret duo Sugar & Vice. Brydie has also written extensively for television in Australia and the UK and makes a good chunk of her living as a sex columnist and professional bangthropologist. In addition to appearing on a few of the pods, Brydie is the executive producer of Gatecrash Network and mistress of all she surveys.

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