Gatecrash: After Party
Gatecrash: After Party

You know how after the show, it’s the after party? And then after the party it’s the hotel lobby? And round about 4…wait, back up. Some Gatecrash shows were too beautiful for this world/too drunk to make it to the hotel lobby and have sadly retired but you can find their glorious archives here. We will also occasionally be putting out one-offs and special projects that you can find on this page- think of them as the guests too cool to even bother with the main event.


Origin Stories 11 – Matthew Highton

| Released 28th Aug 2014

The lovely Matthew Highton discusses computer games, cannon and characters. He also introduces Gary and Paul to the beautifully written world of Fables.

Origin Stories 10.5 – Fables

| Released 21st Aug 2014

Look out, it’s Matthew Highton and Fables!

Origin Stories 10 – Aiden Goatley

| Released 14th Aug 2014

The British are coming, and their comic books are dripping with satire! Gary and Paul look at classic paragon of the law, Judge Dredd. Joining then is Aiden Goatley to discuss films, TV and tattoos.

Origin Stories 9.5 – Judge Dredd

| Released 7th Aug 2014

Intro to Episode 10, Aiden Goatley and Judge Dredd – Fallout

Origin Stories 9 – Miranda Kane & Bec Hill

| Released 31st Jul 2014

Gary and Paul discuss Sandman with Miranda Kane and Bec Hill. Hilarity ensues.

Origin Stories 8.5 – Sandman

| Released 24th Jul 2014

Preamble to the episode 9, Sandman – Preludes and Nocturnes with Miranda Kane and Bec Hill.

Origin Stories 8 – John Henry Falle

| Released 17th Jul 2014

The tables are turned in this episode as Paul geeks out over his favourite comic book character, John Constantine, and Gary is left confused. John Henry joins the to help unpick the mess.

Origin Stories 7.5 – Hellblazer

| Released 11th Jul 2014

In this wee episode we  meet John Henry and unveil Hellblazer- dangerous habits as our read.

Origin Stories 7 – Andrea Hubert

| Released 19th Jun 2014

In this episode Paul is left to hold down the fort whilst Gary is away. Luckily things are made easy for him by the attendance of the always classy Andrea Hubert and the most excellent Preacher she brought with her.

Origin Stories 6 – Panel Theory

| Released 22nd May 2014

Issue 6, in which are intrepid adventurers, Gary and Paul, find themselves trapped in the world of panel theory. Only with the help of Paul Savage can they hope to make sense of their little square world.

Origin Stories 5.5 – Panel Theory

| Released 15th May 2014

Preamble to a chat: Paul Savage and panel theory, enjoy the mini-issue.

Origin Stories 5 – Sophie Bujisen

| Released 8th May 2014

Issue 5 is here and it’s a doozy. Gary and Paul are joined by the excellent Sophie Bujisen to discuss the role of science in comic books.

Origin Stories 4.5 – Science in Comics

| Released 1st May 2014

In this mini issue we are introducing everything you need for issue 5 where we are chatting to Sophie Buijsen about science in comic books.

Peanut Gallery: Bait (w/ Brydie Lee-Kennedy)

| Released 1st May 2014

Welcome to Gatecrash’s brand new film podcast, The Peanut Gallery, presenting the commentary no-one asked for to the films no-one should have made. Sharks.  Nature’s Snake. An animal as deadly as a gun – but mercifully, they make incredible antagonists for […]

The Game That Got Away 3: Helen Lewis & Magnus Anderson

| Released 25th Apr 2014

Guy and Helen return to Dunwall to see if they can find out if it is possible to be honourable in Dishonored and Magnus Anderson (co-author of ‘Grand Thieves & Tomb Raiders’) talks about his interest in the British game industry […]

Origin Stories 4 – Tobi Wilson

| Released 24th Apr 2014

Grab your power lanterns and hold onto your rings as Gary and Paul take a peek into the world of the Green Lantern. Aiding them on their quest for knowledge is the most excellent Tobi Wilson from the sketch troupe […]

Origin Stories 3.5 – Green Lantern

| Released 17th Apr 2014

Another mini issue which introduces us  us to Tobi Wilson of Sad Faces fame and the often crazy world of the Green Lantern.

The Game That Got Away 2: Steve McNeil & Helen Lewis

| Released 11th Apr 2014

Find out if Steve McNeil managed to battle through to the bitter end with Sonic the Hedgehog and hear why Helen Lewis thinks stealth games are for nerds.

Origin Stories 3 – Tom Crowley

| Released 10th Apr 2014

In this issue Gary and Paul are joined by the hella-delightful Tom Crowley. They discuss the art of comic books and nerd out over the almost sarcastically beautiful DC: New Frontiers Vol. 1

Origin Stories 2.5 – DC’s New Frontiers

| Released 3rd Apr 2014

Prelude to next weeks issue 3. Get a hold of DC’s New Frontiers and enjoy!

The Game that Got Away 1 – Mark Meer & Steve McNeil

| Released 27th Mar 2014

It’s episode 1, and Guy doesn’t have anyone to play with (and he refuses to let you listen to him play with himself)! To make up for this, he is joined by the voice of (male) Commander Shepard Mark Meer, […]

Origin Stories 2 – Pete Dillon-trenchard & Javier Jarquin

| Released 27th Mar 2014

In another action packed issue Gary and Paul attempt to unpick the tangled web of rebooted universes. Assisting them in this near impossible task are the most excellent Pete Dillon-Trenchard and Javier Jarquin.

Origin Stories 1.5 – Justice League & Marvel’s Ultimates

| Released 24th Mar 2014

Teaser for Volume 1 #2 with all your pre-issue reading explained… basically, get hold of New 52’s JLA  & Justice League and Marvel’s Ultimates TPB Vol 1s. Easy.

Origin Stories 1 – Guy Kelly

| Released 14th Mar 2014

Issue 1: Opening proceedings. Gary and Paul are joined by the ever verbose and beautiful Guy Kelly of Beta Males fame. Together they discuss the most important element of the comic book industry, what it’s like to be a fan.

Origin Stories 0.5 – Introduction

| Released 13th Mar 2014

Welcome to Origin Stories: A Beginners Guide To Comicbooks. Designed for anyone who has ever felt that they might enjoy comic books but have no clue as to where to begin. In this mini-episode, hosts Paul and Gary let you know what to […]