Fireplace for Your Home – audio commentary


Fireplace for Your Home is THE GREATEST THING TO EVER APPEAR ON NETFLIX. But what happens if you have no loved ones around to share it with? This holiday season, invite comedians Bec Hill, Bisha K Ali, Gabriel Ebulue and Sam Golin into your home, as they provide an audio commentary for the 4K Fireplace: Crackling Birchwood edition filled with chat, facts and fan theories. Language warning – some content may not be appropriate for young or sensitive listeners, so pop on some headphones if you’re watching with the family.

Bec Hill is a Australian-born, London-based comedian, presenter and flaming galah. To see what she’s up to, check out or

Bisha K Ali is a comedian & writer who loves to play with fire. Find her at: or

Gabriel Ebulue is a stand-up comic with a burning passion for music who spends too much time on Instagram. Find him on: or

Sam Golin is a comedian, artist and andiron enthusiast who can be stalked solely on twitter at