Do Who I Say, Not Who I Do
Do Who I Say, Not Who I Do

Do you have a question about love or sex? Like a slutty big sister who interferes and overshares, Brydie is here to help. Gatecrash’s resident dating expert will be dishing out advice to listeners, ably assisted by her excellent guests. If you want your question to be featured on the show, send it through to



9: On The Lookout For A Hot Moose (w/ Elf Lyons)

| Released 7th Feb 2015

Pixie-come-to-life Elf Lyons chats with Brydie about mistaken comings-out, older lovers and “blossoming” in bed.

8: Chemistry With A Park Bench (w/ James Hamilton)

| Released 22nd Jan 2015

Brydie chats to the delightful James Hamilton, of Casual Violence (the sketch group, decidedly NOT the activity) about social media break-ups, serial monogamy and War Doctor exes.

7: Don’t Jizz Where You Eat (w/ Lisa-Skye)

| Released 6th Nov 2014

Femme Daddy babe Lisa-Skye talks polyamory, marriage and the joys of kink with Brydie. If you’re looking for an introductory guide to breath play then this is definitely the episode for you.

6: F*** Underwear, I Need Weapons (w/ Liz Miele)

| Released 25th Sep 2014

Brydie talks big city life with her gritty New York alter ego, the incredible Liz Miele, who provides the Murder Filter for Brydie’s Glitter pics. That’ll make sense when you listen, we promise.

5: I Literally Can’t Extend Your Metaphor (w/ Tobi Wilson)

| Released 7th Sep 2014

In her most British episode yet, Brydie chats with someone who absolutely does not in any way want to talk about sex or dating because, you know…it’s awkward. Tobi “Nice Boy, Trying Hard” Wilson (of the sketch show Sad Faces) […]

4: Please Do Me While Looking Disinterested (w/ Monica Heisey & Alex Tindal)

| Released 27th Jun 2014

This week, Brydie has a couple, as is her wont. The gloriously Canadian Monica Heisey and Alex Tindal talk about long-distance love, open-relationships and the various emotional qualities of burritos. It is all very sexy and also kind of gross […]

3: Hidden Fun Buttons (w/ Matty Curry)

| Released 19th May 2014

Lovehoney, the UK’s leading online sex toy retailer, kindly sent us Matty Curry, one of their most delightful gurus, to answer all our questions about things that go buzz in the night. Or the morning. Or mid-afternoon. He also talks […]

2: The Hugh Grant Surprise (w/ Abigoliah Schamaun)

| Released 11th May 2014

The grossly sexy and sexily gross Abigoliah Schamaun chats with Brydie about the perils of self-pleasure, the temptation to settle down and all the things/men the two of them have shared. By the end of this episode, the term “Disco […]

1: The OODA Loop (w/ Kit Lovelace)

| Released 1st Mar 2014

Welcome to Do Who I Say, Not Who I Do, a sex and dating advice podcast hosted by Brydie Lee-Kennedy. The first guest is the brilliant Kit Lovelace, journalist, storyteller and hopeless romantic. He and Brydie talk rebounding, long distance […]

Brydie Lee-Kennedy

“Brydie Lee-Kennedy is a time travelling nightmare vision of the future…and a comedian, if you like that sort of thing”- former lover.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Brydie toured about the place for a couple of years before settling in London for reasons she can no longer remember. She is best known as the writer, director and mermaid of Princess Cabaret and as the slutty half of cabaret duo Sugar & Vice. Brydie has also written extensively for television in Australia and the UK and makes a good chunk of her living as a sex columnist and professional bangthropologist. In addition to appearing on a few of the pods, Brydie is the executive producer of Gatecrash Network and mistress of all she surveys.

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Caitlin is a mature Australian female with five years experience in theatrical costuming so obviously now she works in audio production. She divides her time between working for BBC Radio Drama, writing a radio column for Exeunt theatre magazine, and screaming into the void (trying to do feminism on the internet).
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