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19. Tough Mudder!!! RAAAAR!

| Released 1st May 2016

Tom Watts and I sit down and re-hash the Tough Mudder we ran this weekend. We talk about how we did and offer advice to anyone who’s thinking of taking on the challenge. Join the Namaste Bitches Facebook Group by […]


18. “Have a goal and work towards it…”-Tom Watts

| Released 15th Apr 2016

Tom Watts is a film maker with fitness as his hobby. We talk about his goals, gym routine, and running a Tough Mudder He’s also my ruggedly handsome boyfriend. Check out his film work at: and like Raven Court Films […]


Don’t Fake a Baby on Instagram

| Released 12th Apr 2016

Now in its second episode, I think we can all agree that this cheerful and occasionally critical look at pop culture is going from strength to strength. This week, Rosie “the Immortal” Fletcher chairs an investigation into 1 Direction’s baby fabrication […]


No Middle Ground For Nerds (The Inaugural Episode!)

| Released 5th Apr 2016

Rosie Fletcher, Tobi Wilson, and Paul Duncan McGarrity are generally keen. This week Paul is in the chair and talking Marvel on TV, Former Prime Minister Anthony Blair, Current Cinnamon Roll John Boyega, rebooting Indiana Jones, and putting Zak Snyder in […]


17. “To walk the line, sometimes, one must fall the wrong side.” – Thom Tuck.

| Released 17th Mar 2016

Thom Tuck is a stand up comedian and all around awesome entertainer. We talk about his creative process. Staying healthy during festivals. And staying “gig fit”. I hope you enjoy it! Thom Tuck: t: @turlygod w: ACMS: t: @altcommemsoc w: […]


16. “Take more time for yourself than you think you need.”-Steph Gaudreau

| Released 1st Mar 2016

So excited to have Steph Gaudreau on the podcast. Creator of, author of the Performance Paleo Cookbook, and host of the podcast Harder to Kill Radio. Steph is a nutritionist and competitive weightlifter. We talk about: -Taking time for yourself each day. -What […]


15. “Live as your best self in the moment…”-Allison Schamaun

| Released 17th Feb 2016

Allison Schamaun is getting her Masters in Art Therapy at Southwestern College. She also happens to be my little sister! We talked about how she came into art therapy, drug therapy and its pros and cons, and last but not […]

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