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Christmas Special!

Fireplace for Your Home is THE GREATEST THING TO EVER APPEAR ON NETFLIX. But what happens if you have no loved ones around to share it with? This holiday season, invite comedians Bec Hill, Bisha K Ali, Gabriel Ebulue and Sam Golin into your home, as they provide an audio commentary for the 4K Fireplace: Crackling Birchwood edition filled with chat, facts and fan theories.

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The Season Finale

| Released 24th May 2016

Great news, guys, it’s the last episode of our pilot season and we’ve finally settled on a name. We’ve also settled on what the rules of Eurovision should be, whether there is in fact crying in baseball, and what the best […]

Quetzalcoatl, Specifically

| Released 17th May 2016

“A Knitted Character from Someone’s Dream” called Rosie Fletcher is in the chair to talk the bloodbath of the US television renewalls/cancellations season with regular joes Paul and Tobi. The reason Tobi sounds like he’s speaking from down a well […]

Meat and Two Veg

| Released 4th May 2016

Paul Duncan McGarrity is in the chair this week to talk memorialising artists and euphemisms for willies with Rosie Fletcher, her eldritch gifts growing more powerful every episode, and Tobi Wilson, yet to discover any magical powers of his own […]

This Podcast Brought To You By Neil Degrasse Tyson’s Face

| Released 19th Apr 2016

Tobi, one of nature’s greatest Bulbasaurs, is in the chair to discuss Nintendo, TV reboots, tattoos, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend with Paul (Squirtle) and  Rosie (Pikachu, or alternatively Cyndaquil). Come for the sensible pop culture discussion, stay for the absolute buffoonery that is […]

Don’t Fake a Baby on Instagram

| Released 12th Apr 2016

Now in its second episode, I think we can all agree that this cheerful and occasionally critical look at pop culture is going from strength to strength. This week, Rosie “the Immortal” Fletcher chairs an investigation into 1 Direction’s baby fabrication […]

No Middle Ground For Nerds (The Inaugural Episode!)

| Released 5th Apr 2016

Rosie Fletcher, Tobi Wilson, and Paul Duncan McGarrity are generally keen. This week Paul is in the chair and talking Marvel on TV, Former Prime Minister Anthony Blair, Current Cinnamon Roll John Boyega, rebooting Indiana Jones, and putting Zak Snyder in […]

36: Christmas (and back-boobs)

| Released 22nd Dec 2015

Gods of Comedy is back to celebrate the festive season once again! Bec, Brydie and Liam talk about the Christmas they spent together last year and their plans for holidays this year. And butts. They talk for a surprisingly long […]

35: Tom Neenan

| Released 10th Dec 2015

Conspiracy theories, multiverses and cults with comedian and excellent man Tom Neenan.

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